Who we are...

We introduce ourselves as an Organization involved in Software Development, Computer Education and Professional Training for the needy including working professionals, adults and students. We had conducted a market research and as a result of that we have taken initiatives to get into this line of activity of providing "e-consultancy". Researching Souls Inc. is a Software Development and Consulting firm specializing in implementing business critical applications, offering a full spectrum of consulting and integration solutions.

Researching Souls Inc. offers the expertise and resources to select and implement the right technology strategy, develop architectures based on new e-enabling technologies and integrating solution building blocks into powerful business solutions.

The saga of our foundation started a few years back when two of our founding members were deeply involved in Research and Development activities in the area of Information technology and its best use for the benefit of citizens of USA, India and the whole world.

This led to the development of our Unique and Patent Protected Solution in the area of Citizens Security, proudly named as "Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending)™", an unparalleled way to provide personal protection and security for the citizens of a country.