Real Time Mobile Data Analytics and Internet of Things (iOT)

It seems like the world moves at a faster pace every second. People and places become more connected and all this is possible by mobile technology and internet. Researching Souls Inc. takes its next step towards making people and places safer than ever only by One Button Push (OBP) technology.

People and organizations try to react at an ever-increasing pace. Reaching the limits of a human's ability to respond, platform and tools are built to process the vast amounts of data available from various mobile devices, analyze it, present it, and, in some cases, respond to events as they happen.

"It's about the ability to make quick, better decisions and take meaningful actions at the right time. It's about detecting emergency incident and triggering a recovery action while an individual is a victim or witness of any emergency event and seeking help of family member, law enforcement and/or medical personnel in an emergency, such as a crime, riot, terrorist attack, natural calamities like floods, earthquake, etc.

It's about sourcing, combining, calculating and analyzing big data enabling people and organizations to take the correct action, at the right time, at the right place in near zero time while encountering an emergency."