Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has the potential to transform the way IT is consumed and managed, resulting in improved cost efficiencies, accelerated innovation, faster time-to-market, and the ability to scale applications on demand.

According to Gartner it is clear that there is a major shift towards the cloud model leading to substantial benefits. The shape of the cloud is emerging, and it is developing rapidly both conceptually as well as in reality. However, the legal, contractual, economic and security aspects of cloud computing are evolving and are yet to attain maturity.

Across the world, governments in the US, the UK, the European Union, Australia and Singapore see cloud services as an opportunity to improve government service delivery outcomes by eliminating redundancy, increasing agility and providing information and communication technology (ICT) services at a cheaper cost. From online banking and remote patient monitoring solutions to on-demand entertainment and communications platforms, the cloud computing has become an integral part of how businesses deliver content and services. Cloud technologies enable an increasingly larger and more widely distributed user base to access real-time solutions anytime, anywhere. As consumer and enterprise environments become more global, software systems must become more interconnected than ever. Solution providers not only ensure that their products are scalable but also provide uninterrupted performance, and protect their user's confidential information. Researching Souls Inc. partners with businesses across all industry segments to migrate or develop secure, scalable, cloud-based products and business systems. We collaborate with our customers on all stages of the product lifecycle, from selecting and configuring the appropriate cloud analytics applications, to developing cloud-ready systems, to providing product deployment and support services. Our cloud technology competency and cross-industry expertise enables us to successfully develop cloud-based solutions.

Our competencies

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