Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending)

Citizen Security & Personal Protection Solution called as Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending) is an ICT enabled unique and patent protected security & personal protection solution useful for every Citizen and specially Women. This is a Mobile Application along with Pepper Spray Tank (Patent Protected) integrated for all types of Mobile Phones. These combined units are called as Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending) Pepper Spray Units (SSPS) which "Mpowers" a woman to use it for personal protection in the event of a potential danger to her.

Upon pressing of the power button the data from the crime scene gets transmitted to the nearest emergency responders (campus police, city police, parents or relatives). The solution provides with an "inclusive" logic that of involving and empowering every citizen who is a "Security Seeker" to assist and get assisted by the "Security Provider" which is the emergency responder (Government). Similarly upon further press of the power button the pepper spray gets sprayed on the criminal immobilizing him for a brief period of time.

In these times of "e-Society", on one side it becomes a challenge for the Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide to "Spot", "Identify", "Track", "Archive" and "Retrieve" (SITAR) all the "Crime Scene Evidences" in a "Tamper Proof" manner, on the other side the citizen faces a myriad of options both technical & non-technical in seeking Protection. We have taken care of these important aspects in researching, inventing and developing this ICT enabled solution to protect every "Soul" (Citizen/Individual).

Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending) is a revolutionary and proprietary breakthrough technology that turns an ordinary smartphone into a 24x7 personal bodyguard. It has a comprehensive array of exceptional features that can be purchased separately or in combination. The simplicity of the Stay Safe™ (Patent Pending) concept is that everything is controlled by one-button-push (OBP).

Using of SSPS Units empowers the citizen to become the "Eyes" and "Ears" on the Ground for the emergency responders.

These initiatives, being undertaken fall under the wider spectrum of e-Governance and SMART cities initiatives.

Stay tuned for details on more upcoming unique products.....